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How to take care of your transplanted hair in lockdown?

When you’ve just come home after a hair transplant treatment , you must   make sure  ,  how to take care of the your newly implanted hair grafts as they  are still fragile and need a bit of nurturing to fully take root. To get you started, we have shared some  extremely meaningful tips that will help  you to manage your  transplanted hair , especially for this lockdown period. Take a quick tour of it.

  • Sleeping with a wedge shape pillow – if you recently went for a hair transplant , Your hair transplant  surgeon may recommend you  sleeping with a wedge-shaped pillow or elevating the head of your bed slightly for a few weeks that will ensure a proper  blood flow  to your scalp as adequate blood flow to scalp is important for optimal healing  and it also helps you to reduce your swelling .
  • Medications and products -Take the prescribed medicine on time as suggested by your surgeon .  It is  highly important that you use the specific  shampoo as suggested by your surgeon .
  • Wear a hat while going outdoors – it  is recommended that you wear a hat when you go outdoors. It will provide protection against sun and other outdoor conditions (rain, dust, etc.) . It is important to know ,When you are wearing the hat, gently put it on your head with both hands and remove it by pulling up with both hands. Make sure that it will not rub on the transplanted hair.
  • Avoid sleeping with a headband on your head – you should avoid  sleeping with a headband on your head. Keep the headband clean and wash it regularly. While putting it on and taking it off,  make sure it does not pull your hair.
  • Avoid touching your hair unnecessarily – After hair transplant, you may feel the urge to touch their new hair to check its condition. You must avoid this, because excessive contact with hands causes infection in hair follicles  which will further lead to  pimples on your head that will cause hindrance to your hair growth .
  • Use of Normal mineral water for washing your hair – The water you are using for washing your hair  should be neither to  cold nor to  hot. It is important that you wash your hair with normal mineral water.

All these things will help you getting the best results from a hair transplant .

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